Legal Dose – Episode 1

Recently, the Charlotte School of Law Civil Rights Clinic launched “The Legal Dose,” an internet radio show which addresses contemporary legal, political and social issues.  Michael Antypas and Monifa Crawford were the students primarily responsible for the content of the first episode. Charles Schmidt significantly contributed to the content as well.  Ashley Washington has joined the Legal Dose team and will be working with Michael this semester.  Jorge Lozano from the IT Department has been instrumental in assisting with all aspects of producing the show.  Look for more episodes in the near future!

This episode offers an interview with Evan Carney and Jason Huber on an attorney ethics complaint filed by the Clinic. Next up is the “Get to Know a Charlotte Law Professor” segment featuring Professor Tony Ketron.  The final segment is a report from the Charlotte Coalition for Justice Homeless and Mental Health Symposium with Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield and Charlie Schmidt talking about the issue.

You can listen to the inaugural episode of the Legal Dose here:

3 Responses to Legal Dose – Episode 1

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  2. Byanca says:

    AMAZING again, Tammy! You do it everytime. Charley is so beiatuful. Blessed to be able to spend so much time with the pretty little ham. You did a great job capturing her personality she’s all smiles.

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