Clinic’s Public Records Request Produces Quick Reponse

Earlier this month, Clinic student Lindsey Vawter drafted and submitted a public records request to a number of Mecklenburg County, Charlotte and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officials attempting to gain access to documents relating to the permitting and planning processes for demonstrations during the upcoming Democratic National Convention.  The Clinic also requested documents related to the purchase of any less than lethal weapons. You can read the request here.

The Charlotte City Attorney’s office promptly acknowledged receipt of the request via email.  Attached to the email was the first of, what will likely be many, documents the Clinic receives — a contract  between the city of Charlotte and Taser International, Inc. for the purchase of an eye brow raising $1.8 million worth of tasers.  Here is the Taser Contract.

While the Charlotte City Attorney’s office has responded and produced at least one document, the Clinic has yet to receive even an acknowledgment from Mecklenburg County that it received the request, which it is required to do with a reasonable time.

In the next few weeks the Clinic is prepared to review many documents concerning the acquisition of weapons and the permitting process for the DNC.  We will keep you posted.

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