Ban the Box Project Gains Support

Ban the Box is a local coalition of groups and individuals seeking to level the employment playing field for individuals with criminal convictions. The Clinic, along with Action North Carolina and the Center for Community Transitions, has been involved with Ban The Box for almost two years.   After researching the legal ramifications of local public and private hiring practices and finding that there is a strong cyclical link between unemployment and recidivism as well as unemployment and homelessness, Clinic members drafted a model ordinance to be presented before city council which would revamp current municipal hiring practices.

Ban the Box met on February 10th to discuss various strategies to get the ball rolling toward our ultimate goal of presenting and having the ordinance passed by City Council by the end of this semester.  Ban the Box is happy to report it has the local support of STRIVE Charlotte!  Strive Charlotte is a local nonprofit job placement organization whose mission is mission” to empower individuals through lifestyle changes that promote total wellness”.  The group assists participants by providing various job placement resources as well as job training, which provides basic skills many employment candidates will need in order to be successful and fruitful within their job search.

Recently, Ban the Box was featured on the Legal Dose, Charlotte School of Law’s Civil Rights Clinic radio show.  There, law student Leandra Murray discussed the pillars and goals of Ban the Box in addition to describing the model ordinance. We are also seeking more endorsements from various organizations and individuals throughout the community.  If you’re interested in getting involved, please Contact Us.

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