Stay Safe During the DNC

Whether you’re going out to protest, to observe demonstrations, to work, or to attend the DNC, there’s a lot of information you should have to keep yourself safe on the streets during the coming week. If you’re going to be out and about in the City, take some time to check out these links:

  • Detailed maps of road closures and protest routes:
  • The extraordinary event ordinances, including the item bans. Keep in mind that if you’re within the bounds of the extraordinary event, possession of the listed items could subject you to stop, search, and possibly arrest by police.
  • Map of the extraordinary event boundaries. The extraordinary event restrictions remain in place from 12:01 AM on September 1 through 11:59 PM on September 7. The City Manager’s declaration establishing those boundaries. The original release declaring the DNC an extraordinary event can be found here.
  • Road Closures, Security Restrictions, and Traffic Plans. Many roads will be closed to vehicular traffic.  Pedestrian traffic may also be restricted. Parking, especially street parking in Uptown, is almost nonexistent. Security checkpoints will also be set up throughout Uptown. Make sure to plan your trip in advance and allow extra time in case of delay.
  • If you’re interested in engaging in protests or demonstrations: Check out this zine, published by the Coalition to March on Wall Street South. It contains great information about the extraordinary event ordinances, a calendar of events, and lists information on several helpful resources such as local child care.

And perhaps most importantly, the National Lawyers Guild Hotline. This is the number to call if you are arrested, subjected to police abuse, or if you have witnessed someone else being arrested. DO NOT call this number for press interviews or statements.

NLG Hotline: 704-372-4200

Stay safe, and take advantage of this great opportunity to flex your First Amendment rights!

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