Hundreds March on Uptown Charlotte

A Coalition to March on Wall Street South led the parade. Photo Credit: Evan C.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to this streets today in what is likely to be one of the largest marches of the DNC. Activist groups from all over the country, advocating on a wide array of issues took part in the March. The groups converged in Frazier Park this morning for speeches and to prepare for the march. At one, the march began.

In an overabundance of caution, there were nearly as many police officers present as there were protesters. The march essentially took place in a moving bubble of police lines. Police on bicycles and on foot lead the marchers through the streets. Lines of officers marched along side the protesters as well, preventing them from leaving the street. A police helicopter circled low overhead.

Hundreds of police officers from all across North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and beyond line the streets as demonstrators pass by. Photo Credit: Evan C.

A police helicopter circles extremely low above the marchers. Photo Credit: Evan C.

The demonstrators marched through the city chanting slogans and displaying a variety of creative signs. The march stopped in front of the Bank of America building and the Duke Energy building where activist leaders gave speeches emphasizing the importance of clean energy, a clean environment, and decried the prevalence of home foreclosures and the corrupt practices of the Wall Street 1%. One protester’s sign summed it up well:

One protester is generally displeased. Photo Credit: Evan C.

As with the Bank of America shareholder meeting and Duke Energy protests earlier this year, the police were very restrained. There have been no reports of police abuse or violence. Currently, it appears that only one person was arrested for wearing a scarf over her face, something that is prohibited by the DNC Ordinances. As the protesters had pledged from the beginning, the protest was entirely peaceful. It appears for now that officials’ cries of impending anarchy are not coming to pass.

Leave Us A Comment: Do you think demonstrations such as this are an effective method of communicating a message? Do they play a real part in changing the system or the country’s policies?

For more information see these articles from WCNC and WBTV.

UPDATE: It appears that a second person was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assaulting a government official. Notably, it appears that the man was a bystander, not a protester. Activists report that a third person was pulled over and arrested for driving without a license shortly after leaving the demonstrators’ convergence space.

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