Arrested Activist Accused of Being a Terrorist

The Charlotte Observer reports that an activist arrested prior to Sunday’s protest was accused by police of being a terrorist in order to obtain a higher bond. James Tyson was arrested Sunday morning for driving without a license. Bond was initially set at $10,000 significantly higher than the $100 to $2,500 bond that usually results from such a charge. The bond was based on a police statement that Tyson was a “known activist + protester who is currently on a terrorist watchlist,” and “request he be held due to DNC being a National Special Security Event.”

At Tyson’s initial appearance yesterday, the government failed to produce any evidence that Tyson was a terrorist or a flight risk. Tyson’s attorney argued that police were attempting to keep Tyson, an prolific local activist with the Rainforest Action Network, from engaging in First Amendment activity during the DNC. The judge reduced Tyson’s bond to $2,500.

Check out the full Charlotte Observer article for more details.

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  1. […] James Tyson, an activist with the Rainforest Action Network was arrested Sunday for driving without a licence shortly after leaving the activists’ convergence space. More details about his arrest and bond hearing are available here. […]

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