Update on DNC Arrests

So far, the DNC protests have been peaceful, but that doesn’t mean there havent been arrests. Several people have been taken into police custody on a number of mostly minor charges.

  • James Tyson, an activist with the Rainforest Action Network was arrested Sunday for driving without a licence shortly after leaving the activists’ convergence space. More details about his arrest and bond hearing are available here.
  • Anna Wright was arrested during the Coalition to March on Wall Street South demonstration on Sunday. She was stopped by police for wearing a bandanna over her face in violation of the DNC Ordinances. Police subsequently found a knife in her bag. Arrest records show she was only charged with carrying a concealed weapon, not with wearing a mask.

Anna Wright taken into custody. Photo Credit: DNChic (partychic.us)

  • John Harrelson and Curtis Hunt were arrested on Monday for “City/Town Violation (Misdemeanor).”
  • Paul Davis and Dylan Wrynn, activists with the group Take the Money Out, were arrested Tuesday when they interrupted an energy panel with a banner reading “Corporate Case Nukes this Election.” They also poured a green liquid on the floor, which later turned out to be a mixture of food coloring, baking soda and vinegar. Paul Davis was charged with disorderly conduct and dispersal of a noxious substance. Dylan Wrynn was charged with disorderly conduct. Details of the incident can be found here.

Davis and Wrynn display their banner in front of the energy panel speakers. Photo Credit: Liz Lynch

  • John Penley, a North Carolina activist and Vietnam War veteran was arrested during the Anti Drone Strike/Free Bradley Manning Protest on Tuesday. He was arrested when he nonviolently attempted to a police line.

John Penley is taken away by police after trying to cross a police line. Photo Credit: Evan C.

  • Ten members of the “Undocubus” were arrested during an act of civil disobedience on Tuesday. The activists sat in an intersection with a banner and refused to move after repeated police warnings. The movement advocates the message “No Papers No Fear” trying to raise awareness of the rise in prejudice and persecution of immigrants. The arrestees were all charged with impeding traffic, a misdemeanor. All those arrested were undocumented immigrants but the Charlotte Observer reports that deportation action will not be taken against them. More information about the incident and biographies of the arrestees can be found on the No Papers No Fear website.

All arrestees have been released on bond. More protest actions are anticipated today, so more arrests are possible.

In addition to these arrests, one protester was detained on Tuesday for wearing a mask but not charged. There were reports Wednesday that police searched the bags of several protesters without incident. The DNC Ordinances granted the police the power to search bags within an extraordinary event zone if they believe the bag is being carried with the intent to conceal a prohibited item.

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