Final DNC Arrest Wrapup

Today, President Obama departed Charlotte and the Occupy campsite was peacefully disbanded. Yesterday, however, held a very active day of protest with more arrests, along with possible reports of police misconduct. You can read our earlier entry for a summary of arrests earlier in the Convention.

  • Six environmentalists were arrested for staging a sit-in at the intersection of Stonewall and Tryon Street in front of the Duke Energy Building. The six protesters sat on a banner, linked arms, and demanded an audience with Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers. After ten minutes, and repeated warnings, the police arrested and removed the protesters. Michael Stewart, Amelia Campbell, Audrey Jane, Christina Mounce, Matthew Goodsell, and Richard French were charged with impeding traffic. Read this Charlotte Observer article for more information on the incident.
  • Two other protesters were arrested and charged for “City/Town Violation (Misdemeanor)” shortly after the sit-in outside the Duke Energy building.
  • A third man, Kyle Pugh, was charged for disorderly conduct.

There are reports of possible 4th Amendment violations by police during Thursday’s events. The Civil Rights Clinic Blog will keep you updated regarding any civil suits that may be filed stemming from the DNC protests.

A large demonstration left Marshall Park around 7:30 PM last night. Despite high tension due to the arrests earlier in the day, and and astounding police presence, the protests was peaceful and no arrests were made. We’ll update you with more information on that event soon.

Notably, there have been absolutely no incidents of violence during the DNC protests and all arrests have been misdemeanors. As of this morning, all arrestees are reported to be out of custody.

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