Charlotte Law Students Train to Become CHA Hearing Officers

Charlotte School of Law hosted a training session on Friday September 14th for students and faculty interested in becoming hearing officers for grievance hearings conducted at the Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA).  Henri Smith, David Samloff, and Cedric McCorkle from CHA, along with attorneys Chad Crockford and Isaac Sturgill from Legal Aid of Charlotte were in attendance as facilitators for the training.

The prospective hearing officers received a training manual, and watched a presentation of the essential elements necessary to successfully facilitate a grievance hearing for persons who have been notified by CHA that their Housing Voucher is being terminated.  Hearing Officers provide a judgment on whether or not the recipient will have their voucher terminated, or continued, based on a hearing of evidence from both CHA employees and the voucher recipient.  Though the hearing officer’s decisions are not final, the Director of the Charlotte Housing Authority may only overturn the decision if it is contrary to applicable Federal, State or local law including HUD regulations.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a hearing officer, please contact Cleat Walters III at

Written by Cleat Walters III

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