Voter Registration Efforts at CSL

As the deadline for voter registration in North Carolina nears, Briana Urbina, a third-year CSL student, is excited about the turnout that she has seen at the Charlotte School of Law’s Gateway Campus.  For the past two weeks, Briana has collected voter registration applications and answered student’s questions about the voter registration process in North Carolina.  Although she is a member of the Voter Protection Unit of Involvement for America, Briana stresses the non-partisan nature of the registration drive.  The drive is an attempt to “make voter registration accessible.”

Currently, North Carolina does not offer online voter registration, however you can download and electronically complete the voter registration form online at the Board of Elections website.  Once completed, the form must be mailed to: Board of Elections, 741 Kenilworth Ave., Suite 202, Charlotte, NC 28204.  The deadline for voter registration to vote in November is October 12, 2012.

Briana’s work to eliminate the snail-mail application is meant to provide greater access to registration for all students regardless of political affiliation.  It takes just minutes to complete a voter-registration application.  After completing the form, Briana collects the form and hand-delivers it to the Board of Elections.  Once the form is submitted, individuals may go to the Board of Elections website or call the Board to Elections to check their registration status. Generally, registration cards are mailed within 2-6 weeks after submission of the registration application.

Briana has already collected numerous voter registration cards and she hopes that this will continue through next week.  She will be at the Gateway campus again next week.  Additionally, there is a collection box in the lobby at the Suttle Campus where students can deposit completed forms.  If you have additional questions about Briana’s work she can be contacted at:

By: Emily Ray

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