Legal Dose Pro Bono Week Special Reports

This week the Legal Dose is bringing you three Pro Bono Week Special Reports.

Special Report 1 features an interview with Professor Cindy Adcock, Director of Experiential Education at the Charlotte School of Law. She discusses the focus on experiential education as well as many ways students can get involved in the course offerings.

Special Report 2 features an interview with 2012 Charlotte Law graduate and former Civil Rights Clinic member, Isaac Sturgill. During this report Isaac shares his journey through experiential education and how it helped him get his first job at Legal Aid.

In Special Report 3 we close out Pro Bono week by speaking to several of the special guests on campus at Charlotte Law: Professor Gene Nichols, Erik Ortega and Cait Clarke. As the Access to Justice Symposium looked at the Civil Gideon movement, we got many looks at how people nationwide are impacting the movement.

Thanks for listening!

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