Students, we need your support in helping the Civil Rights Clinic get the Ban the Box initiative passed by the Charlotte City Council!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ban the Box, it is an ordinance intended to encourage full participation of motivated and qualified persons with criminal histories in our workforce, reduce recidivism, and assure public safety.  The ordinance accomplishes these ends by establishing practices that:

1)      Encourage the use of an applicant’s job application as a tool in appropriately assess information about their qualification for the position desired without the specter of      any past legal mistakes.

2)      Help city employees making hiring decisions more adequately and correctly assess an applicant’s criminal history by providing a qualified applicant an opportunity to discuss any inaccuracies, contest the contend and relevance of a criminal history, and provide information about rehabilitation.

3)      Encourage the full employment and full integration of people with conviction histories back into the community as a critical part of ensuring public safety.

4)      Ensure strict EEOC compliance in relation to criminal backgrounds.

We are planning on presenting the initiative at the City Council meeting on Monday February 25th at 6:15pm.  Our goal is to have a turn-out between 50-100 people in support of the measure, along with 4 people who will address the Council directly.  I would like to get your commitment to come out and support the initiative at that meeting.  Along with your support, I would like to also enlist your help in spreading the word, and getting people with whom you work or know to also commit to coming to the meeting.  In our conversations with the people who got a similar ordinance passed in Durham, they said that the number of people who attended the meeting, a little more than 50 people, was the key to their success.  If the City Council sees that this is a community effort, we have a great chance of success.  We already have Councilwoman Mayfield in our corner, and she is ready to motion to have the initiative sent to committee after our presentation.  What we need now is your commitment to attend, and your help in spreading the word so that the rest of the Council will be motivated to pass the ordinance.  If you can come to the meeting, please email me at,  and I will add your name to the list of attendees.  You may also forward this email to your contacts, and enlist their help.  Please have them email their commitment to my email address.  I look forward to working with all of you, and thank you for your support!

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