Reflections with CSL Graduate Josh Goodman

April 28, 2014

Josh Goodman, an attorney with Fisher Law Group PLLC, reflects on his time at Charlotte School of law. Hear his thoughts on applying to law school and taking the bar exam in Part 1 of Gatlin Groberg’s interview on The Legal Dose.

To learn more about Josh and Fisher Law Group, click the link below.

Sitting In to Stand Up for Racial Equality

March 19, 2014

In 1961, nine African American students from Friendship Junior College staged a sit-in in Rock Hill, SC to protest segregated lunch counters.  They chose 30 days of hard labor over paying a fine for their actions and became known as the Friendship Nine.  W.T. “Dub” Massey, a member of the Friendship Nine, spoke to the Civil Rights Clinic’s Tiffney Love about sitting in to stand up for racial equality.  Click below to listen to the latest episode of The Legal Dose.

Legal Dose Episode 2, Spring ’13

February 22, 2013

Depression and Law School Part I.

Legal Dose Episode 2, Spring ’13

February 22, 2013

Depression and Law School Part II.

Legal Dose Pro Bono Week Special Reports

October 31, 2012

This week the Legal Dose is bringing you three Pro Bono Week Special Reports.

Special Report 1 features an interview with Professor Cindy Adcock, Director of Experiential Education at the Charlotte School of Law. She discusses the focus on experiential education as well as many ways students can get involved in the course offerings.

Special Report 2 features an interview with 2012 Charlotte Law graduate and former Civil Rights Clinic member, Isaac Sturgill. During this report Isaac shares his journey through experiential education and how it helped him get his first job at Legal Aid.

In Special Report 3 we close out Pro Bono week by speaking to several of the special guests on campus at Charlotte Law: Professor Gene Nichols, Erik Ortega and Cait Clarke. As the Access to Justice Symposium looked at the Civil Gideon movement, we got many looks at how people nationwide are impacting the movement.

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The Legal Dose – Episode 10

October 20, 2012

This episode of the Legal Dose features information about Charlotte Law’s annual Fall Fest event. There is also an interesting conversation about electives courses and an informative discussion about voter protection.

Give us a listen here!

The Legal Dose – Episode 9

October 16, 2012

Today on the Legal Dose we have a Get to Know the Professor segment featuring Professor Victoria Taylor, who has a “first” connection to Charlotte School of Law. Then we have information about the upcoming Access to Justice Symposium and an introduction to the Civil Rights Clinic’s new Certificates of Relief project.

Listen to the episode here!

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